Friday, July 4, 2008

Free Board Problems

This is a notice for those OH and OC members participating in boards on the free site. There is some issue with the boards and as such many members have been unable to access them. Some members from Oh Christmas have signed up at a yahoo group to chat and share information until this issue is resolved. Please check in there!

And a note from Becky-

There is also a Yahoo group for lost OH members

The Clean Sweepers have started a new board at

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Get Your Crop On

ScrapMagic and Muses Mecca forums are no longer active due to lack of time and interest. We recommend you check out Debbie's (a former OC member) forums at

The Christmas Crowd

Christmas365, HelperElfMissy, and Mommyx3 have set up their Christmas workshop at

Magical Holiday Home is a new site and forums set up by Gingerbug, snowangel00, and several OC board leaders . You can find them at and the Holiday Magic Boards at

Sifreynir and our other UK friends have created forums called can find them here:

Where the SHEs Roam

The SHE ladies have a new home at

The New Home

Helen and Diana have started a new smaller version of the boards called The New Organized Home.

CrochetAddict (aka KT) has started a new board for the Financial Harmony thread at

Janet's Freezer Chicks welcome new friends and it's a great resource for freezer cooking

Alicia has a whole lotta cookin' going on at

LisaW is hacking away at the Household Notebook over at

The Clean Sweepers and Payroll challenges can be found at

Nicki is leading Simple Abundance at

Becky and Cheryl are hanging out at and invite the Payroll ladies and the Financial Harmony folks over to play.